Mr Low Lieh Yong

Mr Low Lieh Yong

Mr Low Lieh Yong


Chief Assistant Medical Officer & Head of Transplant Coordinator, Sabah Transplant Resource Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Queen Elizabeth Hospital


1. Diploma in Medical Assistant (KSKB Kuching) 2. Post Basic Cert. Advance Emergency Medical and Trauma Care (KSKB Kuching) 3. BSc (Hons) Nursing Practice Development (Northumbria University) 4. Cert. Aeromedicine and Retrieval Masterclass (Monash University) 5. Master of Medical Sciences (Lincoln University College)

Special field of interest

Resuscitation training and aeromedical retrieval medicine.


Title: Becoming Donor Transplant Coordinator
Body: Donor transplant coordinator plays vital role in ensuring the success of organ donation program at hospital level. The scope of service for a hospital-based donor transplant coordinator is not limited to clinical coordination of organ or tissue procurement process, but also as a person of reference for the organ donation and transplantation services as a whole. Donor transplant coordinator is expected to drive the organisation to achieve successful organ donation, which means putting effort in all components of the program - clinical, administrative and promotion. The activities span from potential donor detection and maintenance as well as procurement and logistics, to training and awareness programs for health care workers, to promotional activities to increase organ pledger rate and stimulate public interest in organ donation. Apart from medical knowledge particularly in critical care, donor transplant coordinator must possess substantial interpersonal skills to be able to handle bereaved donor families and also networking skills with multiple disciplines to actualise a donation. Above all, being approachable, consistent and committed are key features that make up a competent donor transplant coordinator.
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