Dr Chandramalar T. Santhirathelagan

Dr Chandramalar T. Santhirathelagan

Dr Chandramalar T. Santhirathelagan


Consultant Ophthalmologist / Corneal Surgeon


Hospital Sungai Buloh


KKM/Flinders Medical Center Adelaide, South Australia

Special field of interest

Ophthalmologist/corneal and anterior segment surgeon


Title: Corneal Donation and Transplantation in Malaysia
Body: Successful corneal transplantation requires the impeccable art of facilitating corneal donation amongst cadaveric donors. Each stage is meticulously planned from identification of the potential donor to the act of tissue procurement and processing including the evaluation of its quality before determining its distribution and usage. The topic of corneal donation is difficult to broach to a grieving family and the ethical issues must be considered at every stage. It is also imperative to be aware of the potential risks before accepting a potential tissue donor and determining the feasibility of procuring the said tissue in order to preclude a situation where the tissue cannot be transplanted. The steps for effective enucleation to preserve the quality of donor corneal tissue will also be enumerated and the evaluation protocol to grade the tissue quality. This lecture will delineate the Malaysian experience in dealing with corneal donation and will include the various challenges we meet prior to acquiring corneal tissue.
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Title: Corneal Donation During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Body: The Covid 19 pandemic posed many challenges to corneal donation in Malaysia. The question of whether the ocular surface was a potential harbour of the virus forced the need to produce a new standard operating procedure with respect to corneal procurement. The scarcity of local donors were further aggravated by the rising number of Covid positive individuals which reinforced the need for more intensive screening of infectious disease screening which would preclude tissue donation. We explored the possibility of the virus to transmit from donor to recipient and reached a consensus to ensure safety in Eyebanking in Malaysia after reviewing the global criteria in place.
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