Dr Abdul Jabbar bin Ismail

Dr Abdul Jabbar bin Ismail

Dr Abdul Jabbar bin Ismail


Senior Medical Lecturer DU53, Fakulti Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan (FPSK) Universiti Malaysia Sabah


Universiti Malaysia Sabah


- Bachelor Medicine & Surgery MBBS, (Manipal) : February 2010 - Master of Medicine in Anaesthesiology, M.Med (Anaes) (USM) : August 2019 - Post-Graduate Programme in Organ Donation & Transplant Medicine (ODISSeA), Universiti Malaya (UM), July 2020

Special field of interest

Main Area of Interests - Intensive Care Medicine - Organ Donation, Procurement & Transplant Medicine - Transplant Anaesthesia Other Interests - Neuro-anaesthesia - Regional Anaesthesia


Title: Deceased Donor Management
Body: Learning Objectives: Understanding the mechanism & pathophysiology of Brain Death, and evidence-based approach on management to optimize organ function prior to surgical procurement of organ to be donated. Abstract Text: Donation after Brain Death present a unique condition in which, the ability of maintaining and optimizing organ function prior to surgery for organ procurement. However, it presents with its own challenges that may impede or disrupt the ability to optimize the organ function. Among major challenges includes the potential complex nature of presentation of the patient to the hospital such as polytrauma & massive hemorrhage, complicates further the initial management of maintaining organ function. In addition, uncertainty in direction of patient care prior to Brain Death Testing & Family counselling adds to dilemma on the intensity of treatment in patient with severe brain injury who is deem having poor prognosis at the onset. This lecture will discuss the challenges of optimizing the organ function prior to brain death testing, as well as explaining regarding pathological changes to normal physiology specifically induced by brain death, and evidence-based approach on Organ Donor Maintenance prior to surgical procurement
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